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About Us

Gergana Ivanova, founder and CEO, has worked in the New York fashion industry for many years. She launched the brand in 2019 with the distinct goal of creating clothes that empower the wearer in feeling beautiful, confident, and filled with self-love, without sacrificing garment quality and production ethics. Promoting self-love has always been at the forefront of the brand and it starts before you even put anything on. That’s why each care label offers this friendly reminder..."If you wear this, you promise to only spread love and kindness to yourself and others". 

Every piece is designed in New York City and made ethically and responsibly in the USA in limited quantities. This allows us to support local jobs, reduce our carbon footprint, and gives us the ability to ensure that all worker and factory laws are met with the highest standard. 

At Gergana Ivanova, we use high quality luxury fabric so that each piece is made to last in your closet forever. Say goodbye to fast fashion, our planet will thank you. Our small, women-owned team has labored over every detail of each piece and we sincerely hope you are as obsessed with them as much as we are, and that you wear everything with love.