Our Factories & Sustainability

Transparency is extremely important to us, and so is producing as ethically and as sustainably as possible. Our pieces are designed in New York City, and the new collection is all made in the USA. Producing in small quantities allows us to account for and reuse every bit of deadstock fabric, as well as produce beautiful pieces using recycled fabric. This keeps our waste production as low as possible. We remain committed to minimizing our impact on the planet while providing you with high-quality, made-to-last pieces.

By the end of 2022, our goal is to produce everything domestically in the USA and also get Brand Climate Neutral Certification.

Producing sustainably doesn't just start and end with environmental measures. We also have an ethical responsibility to ensure that all of our partners are operated and maintained ethically. Our team did extensive research before choosing manufacturers, designers and suppliers to ensure that they facilitate a safe, healthy and livable work environment for all of their employees. We maintain working relationships with each of our partners and are committed to only working with companies that share our ethical standards.

We do not take these responsibilities lightly and strive in every way to be as transparent and open in the decisions we make. We are excited to share our on-going goals in this area and hope that you will join us in taking care of this world and those in it, one day at a time. 


Our workers are paid a fair wage

We wouldn't have it any other way. Our workers are all paid a fair wage and have the opportunity to grow within the company and take on leadership or management roles, if desired.

We don't do sweatshops or mass production

Everything is hand-made by a local seamstress in the USA. Paying attention to every detail, making sure you receive a piece you will absolutely love. We only produce in limited quantities, ensuring no extra waste is produced and not everyone at a party has the same outfit as you.

Our workers have proper working conditions

We chose to produce ethically and responsibly in the USA so that our workers and factories adhere to strict working and manufacturing laws.

Our Values and the Planet

As Gergana Ivanova continues to grow, we have an increasing responsibility to commit additional resources toward our values in order to maximize the positive impact of our products. At Gergana Ivanova, we have long held the conviction that we can be both a great business and a great corporate citizen. In fact, we believe we cannot be one without the other.

Carbon Neutral Shipping

For every one of our amazing items that ships to you, you can now offset the carbon footprint with a positive environmental impact. That means the emissions from manufacturing and shipping your favorite Gergana Ivanova products can be made 100% carbon neutral!