Our Factories & Ethics

At Gergana Ivanova, we hold transparency and ethical practices at the forefront of our mission.We are dedicated to producing our pieces as sustainably and ethically as possible. All of our designs are created in the heart of New York City, and our latest collections are proudly made in the USA. By producing in very small quantities, we're able to keep our waste production low and ensure that each piece you wear makes you feel truly one-of-a-kind.

We take great pride in our sustainable practices, which include using recycled, organic, or deadstock fabric whenever possible. But sustainability isn't just about environmental measures for us - we also have an ethical responsibility to ensure that our partners operate and maintain a healthy, safe, and livable work environment for their employees. That's why we conduct extensive research before choosing our manufacturers and suppliers, and maintain close working relationships with each of them to ensure they meet our high ethical standards. Our partners provide health insurance, sick pay, healthy work hours, and livable wages with opportunities for growth.

We take our responsibilities seriously and strive to be transparent in every decision we make. We are excited to share our ongoing goals in this area and hope that you'll join us in taking care of our world and our communities, one step at a time.

We strive to accommodate a diverse range of body sizes and shapes. To achieve this, we often opt for slightly longer garment lengths. This approach allows for more flexibility during the tailoring process, as it is easier to hem a garment to a desired length than it is to add extra length. 

Eco-Friendly Fabrics


Utilizing deadstock wool minimizes waste and allows us to create unique, limited-edition pieces from high-quality materials that might otherwise be discarded. Our brand is dedicated to responsible practices and crafting exceptional products.


We utilize designer deadstock fabrics like silk, wool, and cotton to reduce fashion's environmental impact by repurposing excess materials, minimizing waste. Scarce deadstock availability elevates each piece, fostering exclusivity and desirability for our brand.


Derived from beech trees, which require minimal water and land resources to grow, reducing the strain on ecosystems. The manufacturing of modal involves a closed-loop process that recycles chemicals and solvents, minimizing waste and emissions. Modal is fully biodegradable.


Tencel, a sustainable wood-derived fabric, offers breathability, moisture-wicking, and a silky texture for comfort and style. Its closed-loop production minimizes environmental impact by reducing water use and chemicals.